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The DermaE brand of body wash I use has become more and more difficult to find, so I finally decided it's time to make my own. After looking through scads of websites and recipes and blogs...I decided to make a simple concoction based on pieces and parts of the recipes I saw. I also decided to go with a foaming wash. That way I can easily make it into hand soap or body wash just by changing up the carrier oil and essential oil combination.

I started by purchasing a bottle of Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Baby Unscented soap to use as a base. I had some avocado oil already, and bought some castor oil so that I could do some comparisons. I did find some nice little travel sized foaming dispensers on Amazon, too. I bought a set of four, and made four different combinations to try:

1) castor oil as a carrier, with lavender, tea tree, and geranium essential oils for the shower
2) castor oil as a carrier, with dragontime and thieves essential oils for a kitchen soap
3) avocado oil as a carrier, with rosemary, orange, and northern black spruce as a bathroom hand soap
4) avocado oil as a carrier, with gratitude essential oil for the shower

Now it just remains to try all four to see how it goes! More later...

Photo of foaming soap ingredients
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I just finished a batch of body butter using a new recipe...and it's the best I've ever made! It turned out creamy and rich...and it goes on without as much of the oily sheen as my previous batches. The trick is to NOT heat the shea butter...and to use a carrier oil, like grapeseed, that absorbs more quickly into the skin. I used equal parts of shea butter and carrier oil, and added some arrowroot powder. Then, rather than heating, I used a blender to mix it all into a creamy consistency. Finally, I stirred in my essential oils...and it was done! It looks beautiful, smells heavenly, and feels wonderful when applied. The exact recipe I used can be found under Resources, Concoctions for Personal Care, Summer Body Butter.

Photo of body butter.
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I just found a really nice website/blog called Anointed by Abba at http://anointedbyabba.com/

There are tons of great recipes for do-it-yourself products. The two I'm going to try first are the purification blend (which you can buy from YL...by why not make it yourself) and the orange body wash. I'm anxious to look further at this website. She seems to have a lot of great information about using essential oils for practical purposes--just what I'm always looking for!

Image of the logo on the Anointed by Abba website
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I just found a nice "recipe" for a DIY home deodorizer on awm.com. You simply take a mason jar and fill it about 1/4 full with baking soda. Then add 8 - 10 drops of your choice of essential oil. Poke a few holes in the lid, pop it on with the ring, and you have a slow-release air freshener! Clever and easy...

I'm going to place one in my closet to see if it will add a slight fragrance to clothing, too. I'll keep you posted...

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I have been having trouble finding Epsom Salts in the small town where I live. So, I've been checking online - and today I ordered a couple of bags from Saltworks. I'll keep you all posted!

I also wanted to share a web site address that has some really nice Bath Salt recipes, too. I will add them to the "Concoctions" recipes as I try them!


Photo of the Saltworks Logo
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Just FYI...I should have mentioned this earlier...the salts were delivered promptly! Not bad for free shipping. Haven't used them yet - I will return with more comments when I have...

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Thank you for sharing the video on the DIY for sinsus!  I plan to share this with my daughter-in-law for has so many issues with it.  I was also going to tell you I have a small YL travel case for 10-15 oils if you ever need to borrow it :-}


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I have just gotten over a bout of cold/flu/sinus crud that hit me during a road trip. Since I didn't have much with me, all I could do was gargle with Thieves and do the self massage - and both helped. Once I got home, I also infused a lot of thieves and R.C. and took a couple of teaspoons of colloidal silver every day, which kicked it!

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I just got back from a trip that required a flight. I wasn't sure I could take oils with me, but after some Google research I found some blog entries stating that others had done so successfully. So, I tried it! I packed 6 bottles of oil in a small ziplock bag - packed inside of a larger ziplock bag which was packed inside my checked baggage. No problem! They didn't leak, were not confiscated, and were great to have with me on vacation!

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Once a week (if you use it daily like I do) you should dump out the oil/water mixture and put in rubbing alcohol - just enough to cover the round silver plate in the bottom of the diffuser.  Let it stand a minute and then take a q-tip to clean it off.  It will diffuse just like new.  After all .... we are adding oils to it and makes snese that it would get clogged up.  Just a helpful hint :-} 

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That's a great idea - I will try to get into that habit, too. I noticed that my Bamboo diffuser came with a cleaning brush, but I haven't tried it yet. I will try it with alcohol - and use the Q-tip on my Orb. Excellent hint! 

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Just got my new diffuser and have set it up in my office area. It's the bomb! I leave my regular diffuser in the living room, and this one is just right for the small bedroom I use for my office. The orb diffuser is powered by a USB cord connected to my laptop. Check out the photo to see the size - it's sitting next to an average-sized mouse. Today I'm diffusing clary sage oil - very pleasant and calming...

Photo of a Young Living usb Orb Diffuser
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I am definitely going to try this one.  I have the USB stick and it seems to get plugged up alot.   Thanks for sharing! 

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Today I'm diffusing a mixture from the overthrowmartha website (see resources link for URL). It's a nice blend of tart, sweet, and fresh. It's 2 drops each of lemon, peppermint, and lavender - and 1 drop of copaiba. It's a very uplifting and hopeful scent. This might be my new favorite concoction!

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It's very cold in Wisconsin today; it's about 8 degrees at noon. A couple of drops of thieves oil in my diffuser adds a warm spicy aroma in the air as it provides support to the immune system. I added a couple of drops of R.C. oil to add some evergreen/eucalyptus scent - and it's great for the repiratory system and sinuses, which are especially at risk in the winter. Seems like a strange "warm-cool" mixture, but they really work well together.

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